Massacre of Byzantines occupying fort of Berkri

After Aleim betrayed Berkri (near Van) to the Byzantines, his son went to Constantinople to claim his reward, but was ignored. He returned furious to Berkri and persuaded his father to take the fort back. The attack was made easier by the fact that the Byzantine commander, Nikolaos Chryselios the Bulgarian, neglected the defences. Aleim came to an agreement with neighbouring Turks, and recaptured the fort by a night attack, killing 6,000 Byzantine troops. Aleim was reinstated in his position. [This Byzantine-Arab narrative is paralleled by a rather less convincing Byzantine-Armenian story in Aristakes:] Aleim's role is played by Xtrik, but he lost control of the fort when it was captured by Kabasilas the governor of Vaspurakan. Xtric was held captive in the fort, but he conspired with the Turks to recapture the place, helped by the replacement of Kabasilas by another Byzantine who neglected the defences. Xtric massacred 24,000 (!) Byzantines, and arranged to bathe in their blood 
Aleim, Arab commander of the fort of Berkri (Aleim 101)
  • Took secret concerted action with the neighbouring Turks and recaptured the fort of Berkrin (which he had earlier surrendered to Romanos 3) during the night, killing 6,000 Roman soldiers, but was soon killed when Niketas 103 besieged the fort (:) λάθρα τοῖς ὁμόροις Πέρσαις κοινοπραγήσας Skylitzes 388.42-389.48
  • Was persuaded to recapture the fort of Berkrin by his son (Anonymus 151) who returned from Constantinople in anger, having been ignored by the emperor (Romanos 3) who was ill (:) ἀνέπεισε τὸν γεννήσαντα Skylitzes 388.41
son of Aleim, the commander of the fort of Berkrin (Anonymus 151)
  • Sent to Constantinople by his father (Aleim 101) who hoped to be rewarded for surrendering the fort of Berkrin to Romanos 3, he left in anger when the emperor, being ill, did not receive him, and persuaded his father to recapture the fort (:) μηδεμιᾶς τυχὼν ἐπιστροφῆς καὶ μετὰ θυμοῦ ὑποστρέψας Skylitzes 388.36-41
Byzantine commander of Berkri (Anonymus 393)
  • Replaced Kawasilas (Anonymus 865 Kabasilas) who had captured Berkri, and coming with another army, he settled them in distant Arcak where there was an abundance of provisions for his cavalry (:) Aristakes 48.6-9 (36)
Kabasilas, governor of Vaspurakan (Anonymus 865)
  • Captured the fortress of Berkri with a large army and left troops of cavalry there to guard it, but was replaced by another man (Anonymus 393) who came with another army, but he settled them near a place called Arcak where there were sufficient provisions for his mounted troops (:) Aristakes 48.4-9 (36)
Nikolaos Chryselios the Bulgarian (Nikolaos 102)
  • Was handed over the fort of Berkri by its Saracen commander Aleim 101, but his idleness and neglect resulted in the killing of 6,000 Romans by Aleim who recaptured the fort when his hopes to be rewarded by the emperor (Romanos 3) were dashed (:) ῥᾳστώνῃ καὶ ἀμελείᾳ τοῦ κατέχοντος τοῦτο Χρυσηλίου Skylitzes 388.37-44
Xtrik, commander of Berkri (Xtrik 101)
  • Imprisoned (?) in the fortress of Berkri after Kabasilas (Anonymus 865) captured it, he informed the leaders of Persia of the situation; they besieged the city while the Roman garrison neglected its defense, and massacred 24,000 men (during the reign of Michael IV:) Aristakes 48.9-16 (36)
  • On the way back from having sacked Berkri, ordered the Persian troops to dig a ditch, kill the prisoners, and fill the ditch with their blood; he entered and bathed in the blood of the slain (during the reign of Michael IV:) Aristakes 48.20-24 (37)