Nikephoritzes freed from prison at Antioch & sent as krites to Hellas & Peloponnesos

On the accession of Romanos IV, Nikephoritzes was set free from prison (at Antioch?). On the promise of a bribe, he was sent as krites of Hellas and Peloponnesos 
Nikephoritzes (Nikephoros 63)
  • Was released and banished to an island after the accession of Diogenes (Romanos 4) but paid a bribe and was appointed judge of Hellas and Peloponnesos (:) ὑποσχέσει χρημάτων Skylitzes Continuatus 155.24-156.1
  • Dismissed from Antioch and appointed to another post during a period of confused imperial policy he showed no less depravity than before but his fortunes changed after the emperor (Konstantinos 10)'s death and the accession of the augousta (Eudokia 1) (:) ἔσχε τις ἐναντία τύχη Attaleiates: History 181.17-22 / 134.12-17
  • Having promised to pay some money, he was appointed judge of Peloponnesos and Hellas and governed that province (having been recalled from exile) (:) τὰ κατὰ τὴν ἐπαρχίαν ἐκείνην διοικούμενος ἦν Attaleiates: History 182.4-6 / 134.21-23
Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes (Romanos 4)
  • Released Nikephoros 63 (Nikephrotzes) from prison and exiled him to an island (at his accession:τῇ τοῦ Διογένους ἀναγορεύσει) ἀναρρυσθείς Attaleiates: History 182.3-5 / 134.20-21