Raids of Roussel de Bailleul on cities of Pontos

After his return to Armeniakon, Roussel de Bailleul captured strongholds in the Pontos and raided Amaseia and Neokaisareia. He also abused the inhabitants of the cities of Armeniakon. This provoked Nikephotitzes to suggest to Michael VII to allow the Turks into the area rather than have Roussel establish himself on Roman territory 
Emperor Michael VII Doukas (Michael 7)
  • His anger against Roussel 61 (who was released and kept the Turks out of Armeniakon) was incited by Nikephoros 63, and he would rather have the Turks deciding the empire's fate rather than Roussel 61 established somewhere and averting their raids (:) προῃρεῖτο μᾶλλον τοὺς Τούρκους τὰ Ῥωμαίων ἔχειν καὶ ἄγειν πράγματα Attaleiates: History 199.5-9 / 146.22-25
Nikephoritzes (Nikephoros 63)
  • Incited and encouraged the emperor (Michael 7) to consider preferable having the Turks raiding the empire rather than Roussel 61 established on Roman territory (:) Skylitzes Continuatus 161.13-15
Roussel de Bailleul (Roussel 61)
  • Released from captivity he went immediately to the Pontos, captured a few forts and from there harassed the cities of Amaseia and Neokaisareia, pillaged the land, and exacted tribute (:) καί τινα τῶν φρουρίων κατελάμβανε κἀκεῖθεν ἐλύπει τὰς τοῦ Πόντου πόλεις ... ἐδῃ´ου γὰρ τὰς χώρας καὶ δασμοφορεῖν κατηνάγκαζεν Bryennios 183.2-5
  • According to Alexios 1 in a speech to the powerful of Amaseia, he treated badly the cities of Armeniakon, exacted money from them, captured many towns, and abused many people subjecting them to unbearable penalties based on unfounded pretexts (:) τὰς τοῦ Ἀρμενιακοῦ διέθετο πόλεις ἁπάσας καὶ ὁπόσα χρήματα ἀφ ᾿ ὑμῶν εἰσεπράξετο, ὅσας τε κωμοπόλεις ἐπόρθησε καὶ σώματα ἀνθρώπων κακῶς διέθετο, ποιναῖς ὑποβάλλων ἀφορήτοις ἐξ ἀφορμῆς βραχυτάτης Bryennios 189.22-25