Nestor, trusted lieutenant of Michael VII, sent to restore order on Danube, joined the rebels

Michael VII appointed his man Nestor katepano of Dristra and sent him to restore order in the city, whose inhabitants had defected to the Pechenegs. Meanwhile Nikephoritzes, who was hostile to Nestor, continued working against him. Once there Nestor realised that the task was impossible under these conditions, and subsequently joined the rebels under Tatous. It was speculated that his decision was based on common Pecheneg nationality with the rebels, or charges of financial maladministration 
1074 (Uncertain) 
Emperor Michael VII Doukas (Michael 7)
  • Appointed Nestor 101, a former slave of his father (Konstantinos 10)'s, katepano of Dristra (which had defected to the Pechenegs) where he sent him together with some inhabitants of that city in order to bring it over to his side (:) καὶ δοῦλον πατρῷον γεγονότα τοῦ βασιλεύοντος Attaleiates: History 205.9-13 / 151.3-6
  • Lacking the necessary wisdom and experience, he failed to find a solution to the problems of Constantinople, suffering from a dearth of supplies while the troops of Nestor 101 were encamped nearby and from a shortage of troops to defend it (:) ὥστε διὰ τῆς οἰκείας ὀξύτητος λύσιν εὑρεῖν τινὰ τοῦ δεινοῦ Attaleiates: History 208.12-14 / 153.7-8
  • Nestor 101 took up arms against him (:) Zonaras 18.17.3
Nestor, doux of Paristrion (Nestor 101)
  • Appointed katepano of Dristra (which had defected to the Pechenegs following the suspension of payments), he was sent by the emperor (Michael 7) together with some inhabitants of that city in order to bring it over to the emperor's side (:) ἐξαπέστειλε μετὰ τινῶν Δριστρηνῶν Attaleiates: History 205.7-13 / 151.2-6
  • Left for Dristra (which had defected to the Pechenegs) where he spent some time and realised that the inhabitants were little or not at all inclined to return under imperial rule and had entrusted the acropolis to their leader Tatous 101 (:) καί τινα χρόνον διηνυκώς Attaleiates: History 205.13-17 / 151.6-9
  • Harmed and wronged by Nikephoros 63 -who was hostile to him- before he could report on his administration, he sided with the people of Dristra, took an oath, joined their plot, brought over the Pechenegs too and prepared for war against the Romans (:) ἐπὶ συνθήκαις καὶ ὅρκοις κοινωνὸς ἐχρημάτισε Attaleiates: History 206.2-10 / 151.16-21
  • Sided with the inhabitants of Dristra either out of fear, or because he belonged to the same (Pecheneg) nation, or because he was troubled by the rumour that his properties were confiscated because he had not spent correctly the gold entrusted to him (:) εἴτε τῷ ὁμοτίμῳ τοῦ γένους τῆς ἐκείνων ἐρασθεὶς προαιρέσεως Attaleiates: History 205.17-206.5 / 151.9-18
  • Took up arms against the emperor (Michael 7) (:) Zonaras 18.17.3
Nikephoritzes (Nikephoros 63)
  • Hostile to Nestor 101 and blinded by his hatred and malice, he caused him harm and wronged him before Nestor had had the opportunity to report on his administration (at Dristra) (:) τῷ φθόνῳ καὶ τῇ κακοηθείᾳ μὴ προτιμᾶν τὸ συμφέρον εἰδώς Attaleiates: History 205.22-206.4 / 151.14-17
Tatous/Tatrys, Pecheneg leader at Dristra (Tatous 101)
  • Was joined by the newly appointed doux of Paristrion Nestor 101 with whom he armed many Pechenegs and marched against Constantinople (:) Skylitzes Continuatus 166.17-18
  • Making an alliance with him, Nestor 101 came to the queen of cities and encamped before it (:) Zonaras 18.17.4