Rebellion of Nikephoros Bryennios, joined by Adrianople, Raidestos & other cities

The rebel Nikephoros Bryennios, dressed in imperial garb, was welcomed to his native Adrianople by the people and its katepano Tarchaneiotes. He also secured the support of Raidestos through Batatzina, a relation of his, who won over many citizens by gifts and promises. Traianoupolis and Panion also went over to Bryennios. The rebel appointed his supporters to various posts and made his brother Ioannes a kouropalates. Nikephoritzes failed to contain the situation, either through lack of resources or laziness. He attempted unsuccessfuly to have Ioannes Bryennios killed at Adrianople by a Varangian, who got drunk, confessed and had his nose slit 
Batatzina, supporter of Bryennios at Raidestos in 1077 (Anonyma 105)
  • Helped to bring over to Bryennios (Nikephoros 62)'s side the city of Raidestos whose inhabitants acclaimed him (:) συνεργίᾳ τῆς συγγενοῦς αὐτοῦ Skylitzes Continuatus 174.14-17
Varangian who tried to kill Ioannes Bryennios (Anonymus 129)
  • When Bryennios (Nikephoros 62) rose in rebellion he was sent by his fellow Varangians serving in the palace to get rid of the rebel and bring back to the emperor (Michael 7)'s side those Varangians supporting him (:) Skylitzes Continuatus 181.10-13
  • While on a mission to convince his fellow Varangians in Bryennios (Nikephoros 62)'s camp to defect, he was captured, tortured, revealed his aim, and had his nose slit by Ioannes 61 Bryennios against whom he subsequently held a grudge (:) καὶ μὴ πράως ἐνεγκὼν τὴν ὕβριν ἣν πέπονθεν ὁ βάρβαρος Skylitzes Continuatus 181.14-16
  • Arrived at Adrianople in Thrace, lodged in an inn, drunk a lot of wine and revealed that he was sent by the logothetes (Nikephoros 63) to approach treacherously Bryennios (Ioannes 61) and kill him (:Οὔπω βραχὺς διῆλθε καιρός) ἐπειδὴ ἱκανῶς οἴνου ἐνεφορεῖτο, ἀπεφοίβαζε τὰ ἐντὸς ὡς πεμφθείη πρὸς τοῦ λογοθέτου δόλῳ μετελθεῖν καὶ ἀνελεῖν τὸν Βρυέννιον Bryennios 217.23-219.1
  • He was arrested at once when Ioannes 61 learnt of the plot (by the logothetes Nikephoros 63 to have him killed) he was led to be interrogated, admitted that it was indeed true, and had his nose slit at the orders of Ioannes (:) ξυλλαμβάνεται καὶ πρὸς ἐξέτασιν ἤγετο καὶ εἴθ᾿ ἑκὼν εἴτε ἄκων ξυνετίθετο ταῦθ᾿ οὕτως ἔχειν Bryennios 219.2-4
Ioannes Bryennios, brother of usurper Nikephoros (Ioannes 61)
  • Slit the nose of the Varangian (Anonymus 129) who confessed after his capture and torturing that he had been sent by the Varangians of the palace in order to convince his fellow Varangians in Bryennios (Nikephoros 62)'s camp to defect (:) Skylitzes Continuatus 181.15
  • Returned home (to Adrianople in Thrace), was informed that an axe-bearing barbarian (a Varangian: Anonymus 129) had been sent by the logothetes (Nikephoros 63) to kill him, had him arrested and interrogated at once, and ordered that his nose be slit (:) Μηνυθέντων δὲ τούτων τῷ Βρυεννίῳ, ὁ βάρβαρος εὐθὺς ξυλλαμβάνεται καὶ πρὸς ἐξέτασιν ἤγετο Bryennios 217.22-219.4
  • Persuaded all the leaders of Adrianople to support his plan, brought to his side the entire city, and contacted repeatedly his brother (Nikephoros 62, reluctant to join the rebellion), although his actions were opposed by Tarchaneiotes (Katakalon 61) (:) Τοὺς προὔχοντας τοίνυν πάντας τῆς πόλεως κοινωνῆσαι αὐτῷ τοῦ σκέμματος πείσας καὶ τὴν Ἀδριανούπολιν ἅπασαν ὑπὲρ αὐτοῦ ποιησάμενος, συχνῶς μετεκαλεῖτο τὸν ἀδελφόν Bryennios 223.18-21
  • Met his brother (Nikephoros 62) with a great force, for he had with him all the troops of Macedonia and Thrace together with their commanders and even their generals, and the officials of the cities took his side and he welcomed them all with joy (:) Μακεδόνων τε γὰρ καὶ Θρᾳκῶν τὰς τάξεις ἅπάσας εἶχε μεθ᾿ ἑαυτοῦ ἅμα λοχαγοῖς καὶ φαλαγγάρχαις καὶ αὐτοῖς δὴ τοῖς στρατηγοῖς, καὶ οἱ ἄρχοντες δὲ τῶν πόλεων ξυνῆσαν αὐτῷ ἅπαντες κἀκεῖνος ἅπαντας χαριέντως ὑπεδέχετο Bryennios 227.1-5
  • Uniting there [Adrianople] with him, Nikephoros 62 persuaded a multitude of soldiers from there, both foreigners and Macedonians, to co-operate with him and began a usurpation: in association with Nikephoros 62 (:) Zonaras 18.17.20
Nikephoros Bryennios usurper [1077] (Nikephoros 62)
  • Arrived at Adrianople, where he was welcomed by almost the entire population like a great and mighty emperor, wearing the (imperial) insignia and accomapnied by a large retinue, and entered his native city full of hope and pride (:) εἰς τὴν ἐνεγκαμένην αὐτὸν εἰσελήλυθε πόλιν Attaleiates: History 247.21-248.13 / 179.7-19
  • Removed from his office as doux of Dyrrachion, he proclaimed himself emperor and left with his troops for Adrianople whose katepano (Katakalon 61) had been brought over to his side by Ioannes 61, and before even arriving there he was acclaimed (:) βασιλέως ἑαυτῷ περιέθηκεν ὄνομα Skylitzes Continuatus 172.22-173.3
  • Supported by the city of Raidestos and a relative of his (Anonyma 105), he persisted in his rebellion when acclaimed at Traianoupolis, oblivious of that city's association with the blinded Goth named Trajan who had been thus punished for some crime (:) Skylitzes Continuatus 174.4-16
  • Was acclaimed by the inhabitants of Raidestos and distributed dignities to his supporters, making his brother (Ioannes 61) kouropalates (:) Skylitzes Continuatus 174.16-19
  • Appointed his supporters to the required offices, distributed daily as many honours as he deemed necessary, planned to stretch his hand to Constantinople and clear his way to the palace, and made his brother Ioannes 61 kouropalates (:) ἐφαπλῶσαι τὴν χεῖρα καὶ μέχρι Βυζαντίου διεμελέτησε Attaleiates: History 249.22-250.5 / 180.17-21
  • The people of Raidestos also hastened to join (Nikephoros 62) Bryennios, as too did those who lived in Panion (:) Zonaras 18.17.22
Nikephoritzes (Nikephoros 63)
  • Sent one of the axe-bearing barbarians to whom the guard of the palace was entrusted (a Varangian: Anonymus 129) to Adrianople in Thrace in order to approach treacherously Bryennios (Ioannes 61) and kill him (:) ὡς πεμφθείη πρὸς τοῦ λογοθέτου δόλῳ μετελθεῖν καὶ ἀνελεῖν τὸν Βρυέννιον Bryennios 217.24-219.1
  • Contacted by Tarchaneiotes (Katakalon 61) requesting reinforcements to suppress the rebellion (of Ioannes 61 Bryennios at Adrianople), he sent no help at all, either because of lack of troops or because he neglected the matter: in association with Michael 7 (:) εἴτ᾿ ἀποροῦντες στρατιωτῶν εἴτ᾿ ἀμελῶς πρὸς τὸ ἔργον διατιθέμενοι Bryennios 225.1-3