Death of Theodora

After a reign of two years, having reached old age, she fell ill, despite assurances from flattering monks that she would be immortal. A few days before her death, at the behest of her eunuch government, she summoned Michael VI, whom she proclaimed emperor 
*1056 August 22 
Emperor Michael VI Stratiotikos (Michael 6)
  • Summoned by the dying Theodora 1, he was proclaimed emperor with the city's consent, but when the provincial governors arrived to express their loyalty he did not receive them with kind words and generous gifts and arrested some of them (:) Aristakes 94.103
Empress Theodora (Theodora 1)
  • But since necessity pressed even her, even though certain monks were promising her yet more ages of life, she fell into terrible sickness, which is called intestinal blockage by the sons of Asclepius (:) ἣ τοῖς Ἀσκληπιάδαις ὠνόμασται εἰλεός Zonaras 17.29.6
  • She was deceived by Nazirenes (monks), who said she would live for ever; because of this she herself was almost ruined and was completely ruining public affairs (:) ἐκείνη μικροῦ δεῖν αὐτή τε διέφθαρτ᾿ ἂν καὶ τὰ πράγματα πάντη διέφθειρεν Psellos: Chronographia VIa 18.1-24
  • Anonymi 7011 persuaded her to make Michael 6 her replacement in imperial power (:) Zonaras 17.29.8
  • Died 5 days after appointing Michael 6 emperor Kleinchroniken 143.69, 160.13
  • After a reign of 2 years, having reached old age, she fell ill and 3 days before her death and at the behest of the city leaders she summoned Michael 6 whom she proclaimed emperor (:) Aristakes 94.103