Turkish general Amertikes joined Michael VI

Michael VI received the Turkish commander Amertikes with great honours as an ally in Constantinople 
Amertikes, Turkish commander (Amertikes 101)
  • Went to the old emperor of the Romans (Michael 6 Stratiotikos), was received with great honours and remained in Constantinople, but then he was accused by Konstantinos 10 Doukas of plotting to murder him and was exiled, only to be called back later (:) καὶ μεγάλων τυχὼν δεξιώσεων Attaleiates: History 94.21-95.2 / 71.23-72.2
Emperor Michael VI Stratiotikos (Michael 6)
  • Received with great honours the Turkish commander Amertikes 101 in Constantinople (:) προσελθὼν πρότερον τῷ τῶν Ῥωμαίων βασιλεῖ τῷ γέροντι Attaleiates: History 94.21-23 / 71.23-24