Abdication of Michael VI

[The date is almost certainly wrong: Michael probably abdicated earlier, around the time when Isaakios I entered the city.] HThe decision was made under some pressure from Keroularios and the mob collected in Hagia Sophia. To his credit, he did not exploit the possibilities for resistance which still remained, at the danger of another bloodbath, but gave up immediately the symbols of power. He was welcomed by Keroularios after tonsure and became an anchorite in a patriarchal monastery, perhaps on an island 
1057 September 3 
Emperor Michael VI Stratiotikos (Michael 6)
  • Said that he would not betray his piety for the sake of purple shoes and threw them away bowing his head to those sent to tonsure him, exchanged gladly the imperial splendour with monastic life, put on a hair garment, and was sent away the same day (:) πόρρω τῶν ἑαυτοῦ ποδῶν ταῦτα σφενδονησάμενος Attaleiates: History 59.2-9 / 20-45.2
  • Was received after his tonsure by the patriarch (Michael 11 Keroularios) who smiled, embraced and kissed him, he answered to his greeting and became an anchorite in one of the patriarchal monasteries, having reigned only for one year (:) θεός σε ἀξίως, ἀρχιερεῦ, ἀντασπάσαιτο Attaleiates: History 59.9-14 / 45.2-5
  • Was sent messengers (Anonymi 122) by the patriarch (Michael 11) urging him to abandon the palace, asked them what the patriarch had to offer him in exchange for the throne, and was told that the kingdom of heaven would be his (:) Skylitzes 499.67-75
  • His rule collapsed when everybody sided with Komnenos (Isaakios 1, after the patriarch Michael 11 Keroularios lent his support to the rebel) (:) καὶ κατηρείπωτο τὸ κράτος τοῦ γέροντος Attaleiates: History 58.3-4 / 44.3-4
  • After being sole ruler for one year, was deprived of the kingship (:) Zonaras 18.4.1
  • At once cast off the insignia of kingship and left the palace (:) Zonaras 18.3.26
  • Only with a murderous mob filling Hagia Sophia did he take notice of Michael 11, who offered him sanctuary; it is to his credit that he accepted it and gave up the struggle, rather than continuing the civil war with more blood (:) Psellos Keroularios 363-364
  • After the enthronement of Komianos (Isaakios 1) he became a monk and was sent to an island, some say through his own will (:) Aristakes 104.112