Six-week siege of Sidon with the aid of Sigurd Magnusson took the city

Baldwin I and Bertrand of Tripoli assaulted Sidon on land, while Sigurd Magnusson attacked the town on the seaward side. 
1110 December 
amir of Sidon (Anonymus 26163)
  • After six weeks of siege, he offered terms for the surrender of Sidon, that all those who wished to leave could do so, with what they could carry; the terms were accepted by Baldwin 51 and his allies, and so he and around six thousand others left carrying their possessions to Askalon (:) Albert of Aachen xi.31
Baldwin of Boulogne, Baldwin I, king of Jerusalem (Baldwin 51)
  • Persuaded Nowegian fleet under Magnus 26101 to help him attack Sidon; citizens tried vainly to have him killed by Baldwin 4008, then sued for peace; Baldwin 51 accepted terms and gave Sidon to Eustace 4003, dismissing the fleet with rich presents (19 December 1111 (= 5 December 1110):anno ... millesimo centesimo undecimo, mense Decembri, nona decima die mensis) William of Tyre bk. 11, 14.1-81
  • During siege of Sidon, Baldwin 4008, a most trusted retainer, took bribes to murder him; Baldwin 51, warned by an arrow fired by Christians in Sidon, in distress called him before a meeting of his barons; when he confessed he had him hanged (: ) William of Tyre bk. 11, 14.46-69
  • He, with Bertrand 4001, besieged Sidon by land with a tall siege-tower and Magnus 26101 attacked by sea; after six weeks Anonymus 26163 surrendered, on condition that he (and others who so wished) could take with them all they could carry (:) Albert of Aachen XI.34
  • When siege-engines were ready to attack Sidon, together with the blockade by the Norwegians, he was contacted by the leader of the Sidon mercenaries; he offered to withdraw (without pay), leaving the peasants to be retained for essential work of cultivation; Baldwin accepted (:) Fulcher of Chartres 2.44.6-7
retainer of Baldwin I of Jerusalem (Baldwin 4008)
  • During siege of Sidon, he was bribed by huge promises to murder Baldwin 51; before he could commit the crime, the king was warned by an arrow fired by Christians in Sidon; he was brought before the principal nobles and confessed (: ) William of Tyre bk. 11, 14.46-68
Bertrand of St Gilles, count of Tripoli (Bertrand 4001)
  • He joined Baldwin 51 in besieging Sidon on land, with a tall siege-tower, while Magnus 26101 blockaded it by sea; after a six-week siege, the city capitulated on terms, and enemy troops left it peacefully (:) Albert of Aachen XI.34
Eustace Garnier (Grenier), lord of Caesarea and Sidon (Eustace 4003)
  • Was granted the city of Sidon as it was captured (: ) William of Tyre bk. 11, 14.75-77
Sigurd I Magnusson, King of Norway (Magnus 26101)
  • His fleet came via English Channel across Mediterranean to Jaffa, and went up to Jerusalem; having agreed to help Baldwin 51 capture Sidon, demanding only food, they helped force a surrender, then departed with rich gifts (19 December 1111 (= 5 December 1110):anno ... millesimo centesimo undecimo, mense Decembri, nona decima die mensis) William of Tyre bk. 11, 14.1-81
  • He moved his naval forces to blockade Sidon, while Baldwin 51 and Bertrand 4001 besieged it on land; the Egyptian fleet moved from Acre to Tyre, but, finding itself powerless against the Norwegians, went back to Egypt (:) Albert of Aachen XI.31
  • His fleet prevented the Egyptian fleet, which had been based in Tyre and acting as privateers, from free movement; the Egyptians dared not attack the Norwegians; this put pressure on the defenders of Sidon (:) Fulcher of Chartres 2.43.5-6