Death of empress Eirene Doukaina

The date is certain, the year is calculated on the assumption that a copyist has made a mistake in the indiction date. Other evidence suggests that she must have survived beyond 1130, but she was certainly dead by 1136. This was one of the many blows which struck the Komnenian house during the period. Her daughter Anna, engrossed in her philosophical studies, found extra strength in Christian belief to bear this loss 
1133 February 19 
Eirene Doukaina, wife of Alexios I (Eirene 61)
  • She died after Alexios 1, but before Nikephoros 117 and Theodora 25001, in the series of major blows to affect the Komnenian house in the period Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXXIX.169-170