Death of Konstantinos Hagiotheodorites

Konstantinos Hagiotheodorites had died. This caused such great distress to Michael Italikos that even a letter of consolation from his brother gave only temporary relief, as he admitted in his reply 
1133 (Uncertain) 
brother of Michael Italikos (Anonymus 25026)
  • He had written to Michael 20130 to console him over the death of his friend Konstantinos 25003; but Michael's grief was such that even his brother's letter was only temporary consolation (:) Italikos 91.9-14
Konstantinos Hagiotheodorites (Konstantinos 25003)
  • His death caused great grief to his friend Michael 20130, so that even a letter of consolation from Anonymus 25026 was only temporary solace (:) Italikos 91.9-14
Michael Italikos, man of letters (Michael 20130)
  • He told his brother Anonymus 25026 how deeply he grieved at the death of Konstantinos 25003; even his brother's letter had only been temporary consolation (:) Italikos 91.9-14