Ioannes II planned a "portion" in the south for his son Manuel (I)

Ioannes II had long ago made his eldest son, Alexios, his co-emperor, and planned to bequeath the empire to him. But he became aware that there were many premonitions in favour of the youngest, Manuel (I), who also had personal qualities of an imperial type. When he heard of the revolt of Raymond of Antioch, he thought of an alternative arrangement, to make Antioch, Cilicia, Attaleia and Cyprus into a southern "portion" for Manuel 
Emperor Ioannes II Komnenos (Ioannes 2)
  • Hearing that Raymond 17001 (of Poitiers) was in revolt, he went straight to Cilicia, with the idea of making Cilicia and Antioch with Attaleia and Cyprus into a ‘portion’ for his son Manuel 1 (:) εἰς κλῆρον ἀποδώσεσθαι τῷ Μανουήλ Kinnamos 22.22-23.3
  • Though impressed by premonitions in favour of his youngest son Manuel 1, he could not anull his plans for the eldest, Alexios 103, so he conceived the idea for the ‘portion’ for Manuel (:) Kinnamos 23.23-24.2
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Was to receive as a ‘portion’, in the plans of his father Ioannes 2, Cilicia, Antioch, Attaleia and Cyprus (:) εἰς κλῆρον ἀποδώσεσθαι τῷ Μανουήλ Kinnamos 23.1-3