Bertha von Sulzbach on arrival spoke prophetically about Alexios the co-emperor

Bertha von Sulzbach, close kin of the King of Germany Conrad III, was welcomed to Constantinople as fiancée of Manuel (I). The whole imperial party was away in Isauria: Bertha was asked to judge from the magnificence of her reception the glories of the wedding which would occur when the emperors returned. Conrad III, Ioannes II and Manuel (I) were all called in their absence to take part in the ceremonies. Bertha was welcomed by splendidly-dressed Byzantine princesses, one of them Katae (Eudokia), daughter of Demetrios I of Georgia, second wife of the co-emperor Alexios, wearing the appropriate dark robe. Bertha saw her as a nun - an ill omen for Alexios, who was soon to die on campaign 
Conrad III Hohenstaufen, king of Germany (Conrad 53)
  • In the ceremony for the arrival of Eirene 66 in Constantinople, he was congratulated for gaining in glory and nobility by affiancing his relation to the Komnenian house; he should soon expect a wedding (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XX.37-47
Eirene (Bertha of Sulzbach), first wife of Manuel I (Eirene 66)
  • She was welcomed to Constantinople and congratulated on the brilliance of her escorts and of the Byzantine ladies greeting her; she should judge from this the splendour of the marriage which would occur when Ioannes 2 returned (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XX.48-59
  • Was welcomed as the emperor Manuel 1’'s fiancée by female aristocrats, including the wife of the co-emperor (Anonyma 17003) in a dark robe whom she, as a newcomer, called a nun,— foreshadowing her husband (Alexios 103)’'s death (:) Kinnamos 36.5-12
Emperor Ioannes II Komnenos (Ioannes 2)
  • He was praised (in his absence) at the epibateria of Eirene 66 in the capital, especially for the care with which he chose brides for his sons; when he returned, he would celebrate a spectacular marriage (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XX.9-12, 53-59
Katae (Eudokia?), daughter of Demetrios I of Georgia, second wife of Alexios (son of Ioannes II) (Katae 17001)
  • Was seen as a nun by the western newcomer Bertha (Eirene 66): a bad sign, soon confirmed by the death of her husband (Alexios 103) (:) ἡ μονήρης αὐτή Kinnamos 36.9-12
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • He was congratulated on the arrival in Constantinople of his fiancée Eirene 66, and asked to gaze from Isauria at the splendid ceremony for this noble and beautiful woman, whom he would marry on his return (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XX.25-36