A successful expedition was sent under 4 generals to take revenge on Raymond of Antioch

Manuel I decided to take revenge on Raymond of Poitiers, prince of Antioch, for the indignities suffered by Ioannes II in his expeditions to Syria. The force he sent had four generals: three led the land army, Andronikos and Ioannes Kontostephanos, together with Prosouch. On land, they soon recovered lost Byzantine fortresses and advanced to Antioch, where Raymond was was surprised while scouting, defeated and pursued back to his gates. The Byzantine army then withdrew. By sea, Demetrios Branas plundered the coast, causing great destruction, burning ships and taking captives, including a financial official. Branas put to sea before Raymond arrived, and after a final destructive raid they withdrew to Cyprus 
Andronikos Kontostephanos, military leader sent to Antioch (Andronikos 17001)
revenue collector at Antioch (Anonymus 17009)
  • Was captured by raiding Byzantine fleet (:) Kinnamos 35.10-11
Demetrios Branas, naval commander (Demetrios 17001)
Ioannes Kontostephanos, military leader against Antioch (Ioannes 17004)
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
Prosouch, Turkish military commander in service of Manuel I (Prosouch 17001)
  • Was a leader of the emperor Manuel 1's land and sea expedition to punish Raymond 17001 (of Poitiers): in association with Andronikos 17001, Ioannes 17001, Demetrios 17001 (:) Kinnamos 33.20-23
  • The land army, of which he was joint commander, soon recovered lost ground and reached Antioch, where he may have had a major role in pursuing Raymond 17001 (of Poitiers) to the city gates; the Byzantines then withdrew (:) οἱ ... ἀμφὶ τὸν Προσοὺχ ταῦτα ῾Ραϊμοῦνδον εἰργασμένοι ... Kinnamos 33.23-35.6
  • He led the land forces in the punitive attack on Raymond 17001, with Ioannes 17004 and Andronikos 17001, while the naval forces were commanded by Demetrios 17001 (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 52.23-28
Raymond of Poitiers, prince of Antioch (Raymond 17001)
  • Suffered punishment of which death had deprived the emperor Ioannes 2; lost forts in Cilicia and defended Antioch; was surprised while scouting and driven back in disorder to the city; suffered heavy losses in raids by Byzantine fleet (:) Kinnamos 33.16-35.19
  • He was attacking the cities of Cilicia, and so an expedition was sent against him by Manuel 1; its leaders were Ioannes 17004, Andronikos 17001, Prosouch 17001 and Demetrios 17001 (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 52.23-28