Violent quarrel among Komnenian family members at Metabole

In a meeting of the inner circle of the Komnenian family at Metabole, Ioannes Axouch made a speech at dinner contrasting Ioannes II and Manuel I. [Axouch is not directly given a urname, but a good case has been made that it was he.] Against the usual pattern of encomia, the dead father was given preference over his living son. Manuel, who was strong in filial piety, was not at all annoyed at the preference, but did feel that some particular criticisms of himself were too biting. They were taken up by Manuel's brother Isaakios, who exaggerated them still further. Andronikos, the future emperor, at this point insulted Isaakios, who in his usual irascible way tried to decapitate Andronikos. The blow might have succeeded had not Ioannes Doukas [probably the son of Anna Komnene] diverted it with his riding-crop on to Andronikos' jaw, with the help of Manuel I himself, who was slightly wounded and left with a small scar on his wrist. As a result, Isaakios was banished from the court for some days, while Axouch lost some of the seals which gave him power over finances 
Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos (Andronikos 1)
Emperor Ioannes II Komnenos (Ioannes 2)
  • Was praised by Ioannes 293 (Axouchos) at Metabole more than his son Manuel 1 — an acceptable act of piety, apart from Isaakios'’ further biting criticism of Manuel (:) Kinnamos 127.23-128.9
Ioannes Axouch, megas domestikos (Ioannes 293)
  • Unlike others making speeches at dinner at Metabole (Melangeia), he preferred the father Ioannes 2 to Manuel 1 (which Manuel enjoyed) but criticised the son too fiercely; was punished by losing contol of seals for imperial grants (:) τὰς βασιλείους ἀφείλετο σφραγῖδας Kinnamos 127.21-128.9
Ioannes Doukas (son of historian Anna Komnene), cousin of Manuel I (Ioannes 17007)
  • At Metabole, when Andronikos 1 (Komnenos) insulted his cousin Isaakios 103 and was violently attacked by him, he (with help from the emperor Manuel 1) softened the blow and diverted it with his riding-crop to Andronikos’ jaw (:) Kinnamos 128.9-16
Isaakios Komnenos, son of Ioannes II (Isaakios 103)
  • Was insulted by Andronikos 1 (Komnenos) at Metabole and would have beheaded him but for the intervention of the emperor Manuel 1 and Ioannes 17007 (Doukas); as a result, he was banished from the court for some days (:) Kinnamos 128.9-21
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Was praised less at Metabole by Ioannes 293 (Axouchos) than was his father Ioannes 2; he was pleased out of filial piety but not by Ioannes’ biting criticism of himself (:) Kinnamos 127.21-128.9
  • With Ioannes 17007 (Doukas) he saved Andronikos 1 (Komnenos) from decapitation by his brother Isaakios 103, but was left with a scar on his wrist. His punishment of Ioannes 293 (Axouchos) and Isaakios was light (:) Kinnamos 128.9-23