Angry at Turkish aggression, Manuel challenged the Sultan of Ikonion: the challenge was accepted

Manuel I complained by letter to Mas'ud of Ikonion that he had captured Prakana and fought against Byzantine allies like Yaghi-Basan, the Danishmendid amir of Cappadocia. For these acts of aggression, Manuel challenged him to battle. Mas'ud accepted the challenge, specifying that the battle should take place at Philomelion, where his camp was 
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • In reply to his challenge to fight, Masud 17001 (of Ikonion) accepted, specifying rather crudely that they meet at Philomelion (where his camp was) (:) φορτικώτατα Kinnamos 39.18-40.13
Mas'ud, sultan of Ikonion (Masud 17001)
  • According to a letter from Manuel 1, among other aggressions, he had fought against the amir Yaghi-Basan 17001, a Byzantine ally. Manuel issued a challenge; Masud 17001 accepted to meet him at Philomelion (where his camp was) (:) ἢ τοίνυν ἀπόσχου τῶν παραλόγων, ἢ μὴν ἐν παρασκευῇ ἔσο ὡς αὐτίκα ῾Ρωμαίους ὑποστησόμενος Kinnamos 39.18-40.13
Yaghi-Basan ibn Danishmend, amir of Cappadocia (Yaghi-Basan 17001)
  • Was the subject of a complaint from the emperor Manuel 1 to Masud 17001: among other aggressions Mas'ud had persisted in fighting against Byzantine allies like Yaghi-Basan (:) Kinnamos 39.22-40.1