The Serbian zupan had rebelled: Manuel twice ravaged Serbia, but the zupan fled before him

Manuel was disappointed not to achieve surprise in his raid on Serbia, but when he arrived Uros and the other local leaders had taken refuge in caves and on mountain-tops. There followed a hunt of Serbians by the Byzantine forces. Many prisoners were taken and brought back in triumph to Constantinople, though Uros was again missed 
general, fighting largely on the eastern frontier (Anonymus 25022)
  • He took part in the Serbian campaign, and the Serbs would remember him for having captured all their cities with a small army (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte LXXV.64-65
Konstantinos Angelos, son-in-law of Alexios I (Konstantinos 17001)
  • Left with an army to guard Rason while the emperor Manuel 1 advanced; sent him news that Ouresis 17001 of Serbia had exploited Manuel's withdrawal with a successful attack (:) Kinnamos 102.19-103.13
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • He failed to surprise Ouresis 17001, who fled with all his men to caves and mountain-tops; Manuel divided his army and hunted them, capturing many but missing Ouresis, leading a large band of prisoners to Constantinople (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.230-330
  • Seized Rason in Dalmatia (Serbia), leaving prisoners with Konstantinos 17001 (Angelos); captured the forts in Nikaba belonging to Ouresis 17001 of Serbia; soon took Galitza, with prisoners whom he settled in Sardika (Sofia) and elsewhere (:) Kinnamos 102.18-103.10
  • The disaster to his fleet sent him from Avlon to Pelagonia to deal with a Serbian revolt; they had tried to exploit Byzantine difficulties by ravaging Byzantine territory near their border; Manuel took only his elite troops, but failed to achieve surprise over Ouresis 17001 (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 89.73-90.85
  • Having lost the element of surprise, all he could do was to harry, pillage and burn the rural population on the plains, since he could not find Ouresis 17001 in the mountains; he took many prisoners (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 90.85-96
Pervoslav Uros II, grand zupan of Serbia (Ouresis 17001)
  • He had been bribed by Roger 17001 to revolt with Hungarian help, so had ravaged some Byzantine territory; Manuel 1 reacted with a swift assault, but failed to catch him, as he fled to mountain-tops; he lost many prisoners to Manuel (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.188-330
  • At the capture of Kerkyra he had already commenced anti-Byzantine action, and was the first goal of the emperor Manuel 1'’s reaction (:) Kinnamos 101.18-102.1
  • All his forts in Nikaba were captured by the emperor Manuel 1, but he followed Manuel’'s withdrawal with a successful attack; fled into the mountains from Manuel as he returned, while his palace was burned (:) Kinnamos 102.22-103.14
  • He had tried to exploit Byzantine weakness by ravaging lands near their common border; Manuel attacked with his elite troops, but failed to win surprise; Ouresis' only recourse was to flee to the mountains, leaving people on the plains unprotected, to be scattered and slaughtered like cattle (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 90.76-92