Manuel returned in triumph to Constantinople for the winter

Manuel I arrived back in Constantinople just before Christmas, celebrating a triumph. Songs written for the occasion stress his incredible stamina in the attack on Kerkyra, which was eventually successful, then the defeat of a Sicilian raid on Constantinople, which led to the drowning of some Sicilian sailors and capture of others. Finally the Sicilians had bribed the Serbs to revolt with Hungarian aid. Manuel arranged a major attack on Sicily while himself conducting a raid on Serbia. Ouresis and the other leaders hid in caves and on mountain-tops. The Byzantines hunted them, taking many prisoners but missing Ouresis again. The prisoners were brought back for the triumph  
1149 Winter 
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • He arrived in the capital before Christmas, bringing from the west spring in midwinter with a triumphal entry after three years' absence; in the universal joy, Theodoros 25001 was bound to join other writers with a triumphal paean (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.1-43
  • He was praised for his three victories: Kerkyra, sea-battle and Serbia, receiving a traditional encomium; the praise turned into comparison with Christ of the Christmas story, which was about to be celebrated (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.331-424
  • Returned to Constantinople for the winter (:) Kinnamos 103.20-23
  • He first sent a favourable report of recent campaigns back with Ioannes 293 to the capital, then he arrived himself in triumph; he was acclaimed by the people and senate, celebrating horse-races and spectacles amidst great adulation (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 90.2-91.8
Theodoros Prodromos, man of letters (Theodoros 25001)
  • In the universal joy of a triumphal arrival by Manuel 1 after three years' absence, Theodoros was sure to break silence and collaborate with other writers in hymning different facets of his campaign (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.22-46