Manuel advanced from Nis against Hungarian-Serbian allies

1150 Autumn 
Ioannes Komnenos, protosebastos and protovestiarios (Ioannes 17006)
  • Was sent with an army by the emperor Manuel 1 to support the foragers who met Hungarian troops; defeated them and pursued them to the Strymon (Drin?) (:) Kinnamos 104.24-105.6
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Sent Ioannes 17006 to protect the foragers against the Hungarians who fled to Strymon (Drin?) and Tara; he camped on the road to Setzenitza, seeking Ouresis 17001 of Serbia who was awaiting the main Hungarian force (:) Kinnamos 104.24-105.15
  • Mustered an army at Nis, learning of Paionian (Hungarian) reinforcements for the Dalmatians (Serbs); marched through Longomeros to meet them; advanced via the Sava and the Drina, which divides Serbia from Bosnia (Autumn :φθινούσης ἤδη τῆς ὥρας ) Kinnamos 103.23-104.10
  • He returned to Pelagonia, to face another worse rebellion by the Serbs, with Hungarian allies; he treated them carelessly as unimportant opponents, but Hungarian support had given them more strength [Choniates' dating of the beginning of the Italian campaign to this time has not been accepted] (at the beginning of spring:τοῦ ἔαρος ὑποφαίνοντος) Niketas Choniates, Historia 91.9-92.33