Manuel's numerous prisoners depopulated the "‘island" between Danube & Sava: he captured Zeugminon

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Left Theodoros 17002 (Batatzes) to besiege Zeugminon; a Hungarian army despaired and deserted; he took vast numbers of prisoners, especially depopulating the 'island' between the rivers Danube and Sava and destroying the royal palace (:) Kinnamos 114.7-22
  • Returning to Zeugminon, he theatrically accepted the town’s surrender, though plundering the citadel which was full of supplies; he reached the Sava with prisoners more numerous than his own army (:) Kinnamos 115.2-13
Theodoros, formerly Seblados, young slave sent to Tzetzes (Theodoros 260)
  • Being Hungarian, might he have been captured by Manuel 1 in the "island"? (:) Μυσός Tzetzes, Letters 120.19
Theodoros Batatzes, husband of Eudokia, daughter of Ioannes II (Theodoros 17002)
  • Was left by the emperor Manuel 1 to blockade Zeugminon which was defended through hope of the arrival of Geza 52 (of Hungary), but capitulated after negotiations when Manuel returned (:) Kinnamos 114.9-115.10