From Nis, Andronikos (I) began to conspire with Frederick Barbarossa & Geza II

Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos (Andronikos 1)
  • Had conspired from Cilicia with Masud 17001 (of Ikonion) and Baldwin 53 (of Jerusalem), from Nis with Geza 52 (of Hungary) and Frederick 51 (of Germany), confidently telling emperor Manuel 1 he was trying to get control of Hungary (:) Kinnamos 126.8-19
  • Returned to Constantinople after his governorship of Nis and Branicevo, having treacherously made a treaty with the Hungarians, claiming to Manuel 1 that he was fooling them; he was nevertheless not punished by Manuel who liked him (:) Kinnamos 127.2-9
Frederick III of Swabia, later Frederick I Barbarossa, western emperor (Frederick 51)
  • Even he was sent envoys by Andronikos 1 (Komnenos) when the latter was governor of Nis, to aid Andronikos in a rebellion (:) Kinnamos 127.1-2
Geza II, king of Hungary (Geza 52)
  • Was offered Nis and Branicevo by Andronikos 1 (Komnenos) when the latter was their doux, in return for help in revolt against the emperor Manuel 1; the agreement was betrayed to Manuel (:) Kinnamos 126.10-22
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Was informed by Andronikos 1 (Komnenos) that negotiations with Geza 52 (of Hungary) were a double ploy,— but was not fooled, having already seen the agreement; he let Andronikos continue, to test him (:) Kinnamos 126.16-22