Ioannes the protosebastos, gored by a boar, was treated by Manuel but obsessively hated by Andronikos

Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos (Andronikos 1)
  • Was not reproved by the emperor Manuel 1 for his second plot; but when asked why he took great care of a fast horse, he said it was to escape after murdering Ioannes 17006 (the protosebastos); he was therefore imprisoned in the palace (:) Kinnamos 130.13-22
Ioannes Komnenos, protosebastos and protovestiarios (Ioannes 17006)
  • Was gored by a boar at Pelagonia during Andronikos 1’'s second plot; the emperor Manuel 1, who had reached safety, went back to treat him; he was later hated obsessively by Andronikos, who kept a fast horse to escape after killing him (:) Kinnamos 130.10-21
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • In Andronikos 1 (Komnenos)'’s second plot, he alone remained calm: his party, pretending to be foragers, reached the tents safely, but he then had to go back to treat Ioannes 17006 who had been gored by a boar (:) Kinnamos 129.22-130.12