Death of Roger II of Sicily: friendly overtures to Manuel from his successor, William I, were rejected

At the death of Roger II of Sicily, some Sicilian bishops were sent to make friendly overtures to Manuel I on behalf of Roger's successor, William I. They offered to return all the prisoners and booty from his father Roger's raid on Greece during the Second Crusade. Not only did Manuel I reject this, but he took aggressive action: he sent part of the fleet under Konstantinos Angelos to Monemvasia, to await the rest 
Sicilian bishops, ambassadors to Manuel I (Anonymi 17005)
  • Were sent by William 51 of Sicily on his accession as envoys to the emperor Manuel 1 (:) Kinnamos 119.2-4
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Envoys (Anonymi 17005) came to him from William 51 offering the return of all proceeds of his father Roger 17001'’s raid on Greece; he refused and sent part of the fleet under Konstantinos 17001 (Angelos) to Monemvasia, to await the rest (:) Kinnamos 118.23-119.16
William I, king of Sicily (William 51)
  • Succeeded his father Roger 17001, conscious of Roger’'s crimes against Byzantium; sent envoys (Anonymi 17005) to Manuel 1, offering (among other terms) to return all prisoners and booty from the raid on Greece; this was rejected (:) Kinnamos 118.22-119.9