Geza II, before hearing of Andronikos' imprisonment, attacked Branicevo with many allies

Byzantine archer at Branicevo (Anonymus 17041)
  • Was sent to encourage the defenders of Branicevo with an arrow carrying a letter announcing the emperor Manuel 1'’s arrival; but he overshot, so that the letter reached the Hungarian attackers who burned their siege-engines and withdrew (:) Kinnamos 131.14-20
Geza II, king of Hungary (Geza 52)
  • Perhaps as a reaction to Andronikos 1 (Komnenos)’'s treachery, but ignorant of his downfall, he gathered a force of Czechs, Saxons and others to besiege Branicevo, surprising the emperor Manuel 1 by Hungarian faithlessness (:) ἔκ τε Τζέχων καὶ Σαξόνων ἄλλων τε πλείστων Kinnamos 130.23-131.6
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • At Geza 52’'s attack on Branicevo, he went to Smeles on the Danube, sent a letter to Branicevo with an archer (Anonymus 17041) saying he would soon come; the letter reached the Hungarians who burned artillery and withdrew to Belegrada (:) τάς τε ἑλεπόλεις καὶ ὅσα πρὸς τειχομαχίαν αὐτοῖς παρεσκεύαστο Kinnamos 131.6-20