Tzinziloukes & Istvan, by mistake, attacked the main Hungarian army & were nearly wiped out

Basileios Tzintziloukes, chartoularios and military commander (Basileios 242)
  • Fought fiercely with inferior numbers against the Hungarians, but Stephanos 53’'s Hungarian force fled and was almost wiped out, with many Byzantines; both sides had heavy casualties but he was among those who escaped (:) Kinnamos 132.18-133.2
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Sent Basileios 242 (Tzintziloukes) ahead against Boric 17001 (of Bosnia), but he was defeated by the Hungarians; he then sent Ioannes 17008 (Kantakouzenos) to quell the likely revolt of Belegrada and to bury the dead (:) Kinnamos 131.22-133.15
  • Was persuaded not to avenge the shameful defeat by the Hungarians at once, since the enemy were far off, and wintered near Berroia (:) Kinnamos 133.8-16
István III, king of Hungary (Stephanos 53)
  • In battle against the army (under Basileios 242) his unit was the first to flee, and was almost wiped out (:) Kinnamos 132.20-23