Ioannes Kantakouzenos rallied the remnants of the Byzantine army & restored order in Belgrade

Ioannes Kantakouzenos, husband of Maria Komnene (Ioannes 17008)
  • Was sent to calm Belegrada and to bury or rally remains of the army of Basileios 242 (Tzintziloukes); he soon succeeded, bringing back in chains the leaders of the Belegrada revolt (:) Kinnamos 133.4-15
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Sent Basileios 242 (Tzintziloukes) ahead against Boric 17001 (of Bosnia), but he was defeated by the Hungarians; he then sent Ioannes 17008 (Kantakouzenos) to quell the likely revolt of Belegrada and to bury the dead (:) Kinnamos 131.22-133.15