Manuel I set out to Cilicia to punish Toros & Reynaud of Chatillon

1158 Autumn 
Alexios Kasianos (Alexios 17007)
  • Was ordered by Manuel 1 to prepare the native forces of Seleukeia so that Manuel could advance quickly, but did not mobilise in time; was then sent on to catch Toros 102 with Manuel following; the plan was betrayed by a Latin pilgrim (Anonymus 17049) (:) Kinnamos 179.10-180.8
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
Toros II, prince of Cilician Armenia (Toros 102)
  • Captured most of the cities of Cilicia; Manuel 1 planned to campaign against him in Cilicia in person (:) Kinnamos 176.6-13