Manuel received Toros, blinded Theodoros Stypeiotes & was reconciled to Georgios Pyrrogeorgios

Georgios Pyrrogeorgios, military commander (Georgios 17001)
  • Had quarrelled with Manuel 1 over significant issues; now he returned to imperial favour but was merely deprived of his office (:) Kinnamos 185.1-6
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Planned an attack on Toros 102, but when, at Baldwin 53'’s intercession, Toros came as a suppliant to the Byzantine camp, he accepted him as a peaceful subject (:) Kinnamos 186.11-17
  • Deprived Theodoros 186 of his eyes and tongue for treacherous statements, but restored Georgios 17001 to favour (:) Kinnamos 184.14-185.6
Theodoros Stypeiotes, epi tou kanikleiou (Theodoros 186)
  • Was deprived of his eyes and tongue for stupid and malicious statements: prophecied that Manuel 1 would soon die, and that Byzantium needed not a youth but a much more mature man, to rule more ‘democratically’ (:) ὡς ἐν δημοκρατίᾳ Kinnamos 184.14-185.1
Toros II, prince of Cilician Armenia (Toros 102)
  • He was to be the next target of Manuel 1, as he fled in deserts and the Taurus summits; Baldwin 53 interceded for him, so he too came as a pitiful suppliant to Manuel’'s camp, was accepted and enrolled as a peaceful Byzantine subject (:) Kinnamos 186.11-17