Manuel took the direct route home, despite opposition from Kilic Arslan, & celebrated a triumph

Kilic Arslan II, Seljuk sultan of Ikonion (Kilic Arslan 52)
  • Strongly opposed Manuel 1'¬ís plan to return from Cilicia through Lykaonia (:) Kinnamos 190.21-22
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Returned home by the quick route from Pamphylia via Lykaonia (against the wishes of Kilic Arslan 52), Laranda (where the Turks fled, afraid of an attack on Ikonion) and Kotyaion (where the Turks killed and captured stragglers) (:) Kinnamos 190.18-191.4
  • After a journey back from Cilicia in which Turks often helped with provisions, but could not restrain their inborn bad temper, he celebrated a great triumph at Constantinople (:) Kinnamos 190.24-191.6