He moved from Thrace to pillage Dorylaion, then used imperial trumpets from hilltops to strike terror

1159 Winter 
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • In mid-winter he crossed the Hellespont, went to Dorylaion and successfully pillaged the area; when the Turks appeared he left the army, climbed to a mountain-top and played imperial trumpets loudly to inspire terror (Around the winter solstice:ἄμφι τροπὰς ἤδη χειμερινάς) Kinnamos 191.6-192.3
  • The trumpets from the mountain-top terrified the surrounding Turks who feared him as thunderbolt, in a way reminiscent of Phokas or Tzimiskes, according to Ioannes 17001, who was later surrounded with him in battle (:) Kinnamos 191.21-193.1