He defeated the Turks showing great personal heroism, then returned to Constantinople

1159 Winter 
Turkish soldier captured by Manuel I (Anonymus 17054)
  • Furious that in the demoralised Turkish force nobody wanted to face Manuel 1, he borrowed a sword, charged and attacked him, but was captured by Manuel and dragged to the camp by the hair with three other brave men, while others fled (:) Kinnamos 193.20-194.3
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Hearing that the Byzantine army was in difficulties, he rushed down with no body-armour from the mountain-top and routed many single-handed, picking off arrows with his shield and striking with his sword and a borrowed spear (:) Kinnamos 193.2-11
  • Amid general Turkish cowardice at his assault, he was attacked by a Turk (Anonymus 17054), but captured him and dragged him to the camp, together with three other brave men; since it was mid-winter, he returned to Constantinople (He saw that winter was coming on harder:τὴν χειμερίαν ὥραν σφοδροτέραν ἐγκειμένην ἑώρα) Kinnamos 193.15-194.5