Turks sent a spy to check Manuel's identity: he called this cowardice

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • When Solimas 17002 sent Poupakes 17001 to recognise him he sent back a message calling this cowardice: the Turks should beat off the attacker, whoever he was, not worry about his identity (:) Kinnamos 196.13-197.10
Poupakes, Turk in service of Manuel I (Poupakes 17001)
  • Was sent by Solimas 17002 to see if the attacker really was Manuel 1 (whom he knew): he recognised Manuel and spoke to him; Manuel gave him a message to the Turks to beat off the attacker, not worry like cowards about his identity (:) Kinnamos 196.13-197.10
Suleyman, Turkish leader (Solimas 17002)
  • Refused to believe that the attacker was Manuel 1, though he was foraging at Sarapata Mylonos; sent his nephew Poupakes 17001 (who knew Manuel) to check and received confirmation from Poupakes who heard a speech on leadership from Manuel (:) Kinnamos 196.11-197.10