Peace made with the Turks, who promised troops, cessation of raids & restitution of all conquests

Kilic Arslan II, Seljuk sultan of Ikonion (Kilic Arslan 52)
  • After the victory of Ioannes 17013, he regretted his actions and feared even more; promised an annual contingent, the stopping of all Turkish raids, from individuals or groups, and restoration of all conquests; peace was made on these terms (:) Kinnamos 201.3-18
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Accepted the peace terms of Kilic Arslan 52, confirmed by mighty oaths; on his way home, he heard of a Cuman raid over the Danube, so he crossed the Hellespont (Abydos - Kallipolis); but the Cumans retreated before he reached the Danube (:) Kinnamos 201.17-202.2