Manuel was forced by a false alarm from the West to leave his dead wife & dying second daughter

Anna, second daughter of Manuel I (Anna 17001)
  • Was ill when her mother Eirene 66 died, and died herself a little later at the age of 4; was still battling disease when her father Manuel 1 had to leave her and go to the West (:) Kinnamos 202.11-15
Frederick III of Swabia, later Frederick I Barbarossa, western emperor (Frederick 51)
  • Rumours that he was making a major attack brought Manuel 1 to Sardike; they proved false (:) Kinnamos 202.15-203.2
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Left his dead wife Eirene 66 and dying daughter (Anna 17001) to go to Sardike, because of (false) rumours of a major attack by Frederick 51 and news of the death of Geza 52; there he worked on the Hungarian situation (:) Kinnamos 202.14-19
  • Rested at Longoi near Constantinople, seeing no threats from any direction; at this time Eirene 66 died, leaving him Maria 17002 and Anna 17001, who was soon to die at the age of 4; he left his daughter on her deathbed to march west (:) Kinnamos 202.3-15
Maria, daughter of Manuel I (Maria 17002)
  • Eirene 66 her mother died, leaving her living with her father (:) ἡ μὲν πρεσβυτέρα Kinnamos 202.10-11