Manuel at Sardike faced complex problems of succession at Geza II's death

Geza II, king of Hungary (Geza 52)
  • Appointed his son Stephanos 53 as succesor, in defiance of the Hungarian law of inheritance by brothers (:) Kinnamos 203.14-15
  • Before his death he gave lands to his son Bela 53, in which the latter was later confirmed by the Hungarians when sent to Constantinople to marry Maria 17002 (:) Kinnamos 215.6-8
László II, king of Hungary (Laszlo 52)
  • Had (like Stephanos 54) quarrelled with his brother Geza 52 and gone into exile, ending up a client of Manuel 1; remained unmarried; after deposition of Stephanos 53, he was made king (:) Kinnamos 203.3-18
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • At Geza 52’'s death, he hoped to gain Hungary by sending Geza'’s brothers Laszlo 51 and Stephanos 54, both Manuel’'s clients (Hungarian law gave the rule to brothers, while Geza passed rule to his son Stephanos 53) (:) Kinnamos 203.2-15
  • Partly through his threat from Sophia, Stephanos 53 was deposed in favour of Laszlo 52, with Stephanos 54 as his heir (urum) (:) Kinnamos 203.15-18
Maria, daughter of Isaakios the sebastokrator (son of Ioannes II) (Maria 17003)
István III, king of Hungary (Stephanos 53)
  • Was appointed succesor by his father Geza 52, in defiance of the Hungarian law of inheritance by brothers; the Hungarians, partly respecting the law, partly cowed by Manuel 1, deposed him in favour of Laszlo 52 (:) Kinnamos 203.14-18
István IV, king of Hungary (Stephanos 54)