Manuel went to Philippopolis to settle Serbian leadership, deposing Primislav in favour of Belouses

Belouses, zupan of Serbia (Belouses 17001)
  • Was chosen by Manuel 1 to replace Ouresis 17001; after a short time in power he abdicated and went to Hungary (For a short time ... for a long time:ἐπ᾿ ὀλίγον ... πολύν τινα χρόνον) Kinnamos 204.12-15
Dese, grand zupan of Serbia (Stefan Nemanja?) (Dese 17001)
  • Was ruling Dendra, a rich and populous area near Nis; after the abdication of his brother Belouses 17001, Manuel 1 chose him as grand zupan of Serbia, making him swear eternal loyalty and cede Dendra to the Byzantines (:) Kinnamos 204.15-21
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Went to Philippopolis to settle the Serbian leadership, replacing the rebellious Ouresis 17001 (already threatened with deposition) with Belouses 17001 (:) Kinnamos 203.22-204.9
Pervoslav Uros II, grand zupan of Serbia (Ouresis 17001)
  • Now treacherously rebelled again and was replaced by his brother Belouses 17001; was exiled, but given a fertile region to rule (:) Kinnamos 204.6-12