Hungarians deposed Istvan IV: Manuel twice sent Alexios Kontostephanos to reinstate him

Alexios Kontostephanos (Alexios 17008)
  • Was sent by Manuel 1 from Philippopolis with a detachment of the army to Hungary to help Stephanos 54, threatened with deposition; Stephanos however briefly thought he was reconciled to Hungarians, so he returned (:) Kinnamos 211.20-212.2
  • When Stephanos 54 was later again threatened and fled to Sardike, he was put in command of an army to help him return to power (:) Kinnamos 212.2-13
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Appealed to for help by Stephanos 54 against the Hungarians who wanted to depose him, he went to Philippopolis and sent Alexios 17008 with part of the army to Hungary; as Stephanos briefly thought himself reconciled, Alexios returned (:) Kinnamos 211.18-212.02
István IV, king of Hungary (Stephanos 54)
  • Succeededing Laszlo 52, he seemed authoritarian to his subjects and was very unpopular in Hungary; on the point of deposition, he again asked for help from Manuel 1, who moved out to Philippopolis (At the spring equinox:ἰσημερούσης ἤδη τῆς ὥρας) Kinnamos 211.14-19
  • To support him, Manuel 1 sent from Philippopolis Alexios 17008 with part of the army to Hungary; he however briefly thought he was reconciled to the Hungarians (who wanted to depose him), so Alexios returned (:) Kinnamos 211.20-212.2
  • As the dispute among the Hungarians reignited, he was accused of ruining Hungary; Manuel 1 again gathered an army; but he fled to Sofia, where he met Manuel, who sympathetically gave him money and troops, again under Alexios 17008 (:) Kinnamos 212.2-14