Manuel brought Bela of Hungary to Constantinople, to affiance him to his daughter Maria

Bela III, king of Hungary (Bela 53)
  • After the negotiations of Georgios 17002, he was confirmed by the Hungarians in lands given him by Geza 52, travelled to Constantinople, was rebaptised Alexios and appointed despotes (:) Kinnamos 215.6-11
Georgios Palaiologos Doukas Komnenos, megas hetaireiarches (Georgios 17002)
  • Was sent by Manuel 1 to Hungary to negotiate over Bela 53; after negotiations with the Hungarians, he received him for travel to Constantinople, confirmed in lands given him by Geza 52 before his death (:) Kinnamos 215.2-9
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Sent Georgios 17002 to Hungary to prepare for the marriage of Bela 53 with Maria 17002; Bela came to Constantinople, retaining control of the land granted him by Geza 52, was rebaptised Alexios and appointed despotes; Manuel favoured the marriage (:) Kinnamos 215.2-11
Maria, daughter of Manuel I (Maria 17002)
  • Manuel 1 had a plan to marry her to Bela 53, who was brought to Constantinople, where Manuel favoured the marriage (:) Kinnamos 215.1-10