Konstantinos Kalamanos, attacked by Nur al-Din, defeated him but lost the victory by rashness

Konstantinos Kalamanos, doux of Cilicia (Konstantinos 17003)
  • When attacked by Nur al-Din 4001 he at first seriously defeated him; but he pursued the emeny too rashly and was later captured, leading to a collapse of Byzantine interests: in association with Renaud 17001, Anonymus 170057 (:) Kinnamos 216.5-12
  • As doux of Cilicia he achieved nothing: did much harm to the rebel Armenians, but suffered more harm in return (:) Kinnamos 286.11-13
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Sent to Cilicia a sufficient army to assure its defence; he himself marched to the Danube, crossed the Sava and camped opposite Titelion, then advanced to recover Bela 53'’s inheritance and sent Andronikos 17004 to rescue Stephanos 54 (:) Kinnamos 217.2-6
Nur al-Din al-Malik al-'Adil of Aleppo (Nur al-Din 4001)