Manuel was welcomed to Hungary by the Hungarian populace, & saved a boat in crossing the Danube

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • In crossing the Danube he jumped into the river to save an overloaded boat, supporting it on his shoulder at a moment of crisis till others came to his aid (:) Kinnamos 221.11-222.4
  • After crossing the Danube he went and camped at Pagatzion, the metropolis of Sirmion, where a huge crowd of inhabitants came out to serve as his guard; the next day he learned that Stephanos 53 was near and prepared for battle (:) Kinnamos 222.4-10
  • Was welcomed in Hungarian territory by priests and people singing hymns. Went to cross the Danube and advanced by the island (?) into the interior (:) τὴν ἐνταῦθά τε νῆσον παρελθών ... Kinnamos 221.1-11