Manuel accepted Istvan III's terms, restoring land to Bela but sidelining Istvan IV

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
István III, king of Hungary (Stephanos 53)
  • Was much more popular among the Hungarians than Stephanos 54, as was shown by the latter’s two failures and the charade of Stephanos 17006 (:) Kinnamos 224.15-225.12
  • After the Byzantine attempt to dissuade his Czech ally, he sent envoys to Manuel 1, restoring lands to Bela 53 but seeking to stop his uncle Stephanos 54 from further campaigns; the terms accepted by Manuel who withdrew (A little later:ὀλίγῳ δὲ κατόπιν) Kinnamos 224.12-16
István IV, king of Hungary (Stephanos 54)
  • Was not persuaded of failure by watching his double and nephew Stephanos 17006, dressed like him, being betrayed by his own men before fighting Stephanos 53; said that, as their treachery was proven, Hungarian attitudes would improve (:) Kinnamos 224.18-225.21
  • Was banned by the peace terms from further Hungarian campaigns and advised by Manuel 1 to follow him in leaving Hungary, after two failures; but, despite the episode of Stephanos 17006, he did not believe in his countrymen’s implacable hostility (:) Kinnamos 224.12-225.21
István, nephew of István III of Hungary (Stephanos 17006)
  • At the request of Manuel 1 he put on a charade for his uncle and double, Stephanos 54, who watched from a ship: dressed in the armour of Stephanos 54 he tried to have his men attack Stephanos 53, but they betrayed him before the battle (:) Kinnamos 224.21-225.12