First Nikephoros Chalouphes, then Michael Gabras were left to protect Sirmion & Istvan IV

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Left Nikephoros 17005 to manage the affairs of Stephanos 54; when he heard that Stephanos had nearly been captured and had taken refuge in Sirmion, he sent a larger army under Michael 17005 for the security of Sirmion and his people there (:) Kinnamos 225.21-227.1
Michael Gabras, doux of Sirmium (Michael 17005)
  • Was sent by Manuel 1 with a considerable army to Sirmion to ensure its security and that of Manuel’'s adherents there, especially Stephanos 54, against the unreliable Hungarians (:) Kinnamos 226.17-23
Nikephoros Chalouphes, soldier and diplomat under Manuel I (Nikephoros 17005)
  • When Stephanos 17006 refused to withdraw, Nikephoros pretended he had to go to the Danube because of a letter from Manuel 1, and crossed to Sirmion; soon he received Stephanos there as a fugitive, after he was nearly captured (:) Kinnamos 226.11-17
  • Was left by Manuel 1 with an army to manage the affairs of Stephanos 54; as the latter lost his forces to Stephanos 53, he advised him to withdraw to Sirmion, but he refused (Not long after:οὐ πολὺ τὸ μεταξύ) Kinnamos 225.21-226.11
István III, king of Hungary (Stephanos 53)
  • Attacked Stephanos 54, since he stayed in Hungary, trying to finish the affair; again he won over many of his men; when Stephanos 54 stubbornly persisted, he nearly captured him and drove him to Sirmion as a fugitive (:) Kinnamos 226.3-17