Despite illness of empress, Manuel reached the Danube, crossing by a ruse & personal example

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Despite the illness of empress Maria 63 he marched out to Sardike, where he gathered the army and proceeded to the Danube; confused the enemy by massing opposite Chramon but crossing at Belegrada (At the end of June:᾿Ιουνίου δὲ φθίνοντος) Kinnamos 240.4-8
  • Seeing the Byzantines nervous of the Danube crossing, he himself went aboard a boat and shamed them into following; but in jumping on to the bank he slipped and twisted a leg; he remained zealous but rested, nursing the swelling (:) Kinnamos 240.15-241.6
Maria of Antioch, second wife of Manuel I Komnenos (Maria 63)
  • Was seriously ill (:) νόσῳ βαρείᾳ Kinnamos 240.4-5