Manuel resettled Hungarians from Zeugminon, eventually made peace & returned home

bishop of Zeugminon (Anonymus 17067)
  • After the capture of Zeugminon he was sent with some aristocrats to Manuel 1 to treat for peace, offering Sirmium and all Dalmatia; they eventually succeeded (:) Kinnamos 247.19-248.18
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • After the capture of Zeugminon, he settled many of the Hungarians of Sirmion in another fortress, including the heterodox Chalisioi, who have similar beliefs to the Turks (:) Kinnamos 247.14-17
  • To Stephanos 53'’s offer of Sirmion and all Dalmatia, he said that they belonged to him and had in fact already been recovered; what were the envoys giving? But then he made peace as between Christians and returned to Constantinople (:) Kinnamos 248.1-18
Nikephoros Chalouphes, soldier and diplomat under Manuel I (Nikephoros 17005)
  • At Manuel 1'’s order, he had already taken over Dalmatia which had been conquered by Ioannes 17015 Doukas (:) Kinnamos 248.19-21
István III, king of Hungary (Stephanos 53)
  • Trusted in the strength of Zeugminon and its covered water-supply from the Danube; after its capture, he sent envoys including the bishop of Zeugminon (Anonymus 17067) to make peace by offering Sirmion and all Dalmatia (:) Kinnamos 247.8-21