Manuel bound the birth of a male child to his theological rectitude: Alexios (II) was born soon after

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • When the discussion ended he threw himself at the feet of his priestly interlocutors and tearfully bound himself by oaths to be childless if wrong in the dispute, but to have a (male) child if right; Alexios 2 was born soon after (:) Kinnamos 256.20-257.8
  • When discussing the two natures issue during its 6 years of currency, a messenger from the palace came and quietly told him that the empress Maria 63 had miscarried with a male child; he continued listening impassively (:) Kinnamos 256.15-20
Maria of Antioch, second wife of Manuel I Komnenos (Maria 63)
  • Miscarried with a male child, as reported to Manuel 1 during a theological discussion (:) Kinnamos 256.15-257.11