Further evidence on the Danube of the treachery of Alexios Axouchos

Alexios Axouchos (Alexios 17004)
  • Hinted seditiously to Konstantinos 17004 that the two of them could be invincible; confidentially told (Anonymus 17071) Kasianos he was deliberately fighting feebly in Hungary because Manuel 1 was urging him on to destroy his troops (:) Kinnamos 268.6-20
Latin wizard (Anonymus 17070)
  • Was consulted by Alexios 17004 on his secret plans for usurpation, and gave him many drugs to condemn Manuel 1 to permanent childlessness; Alexios consulted him again despite being warned by Manuel (:) Kinnamos 267.19-268.6
Kasianos, military commander (Anonymus 17071)
  • Censured Alexios 17004, with Bela 53 on the Danube, for retreating too far; Alexios claimed he fought feebly to spare humanity, as Manuel 1'’s orders to fight hard aimed to destroy Byzantine troops; clear sedition, which was reported to Manuel (:) Kinnamos 268.10-20
Konstantinos (Makro)Doukas, pansebastos sebastos (Konstantinos 17004)
  • Was told by Alexios 17004 that the two of them, if they co-operated, would be invincible (not yet clear evidence of Alexios’ sedition) (:) Kinnamos 268.6-10
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Tried to counsel Alexios 17004 to give up his plans for usurpation, but the latter persisted in consulting a Latin wizard (Anonymus 17070) who gave Alexios many drugs so as to condemn him to perpetual childlessness (:) Kinnamos 267.16-268.6