Manuel used varied diplomacy against Frederick Barbarossa, especially Nikephoros Chalouphes in Venice

1166 (Uncertain) 
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Through Nikephoros 17005 he won the allegiance of Cremona, Padua and many other prominent Lombard cities — but secretly, since he did not yet wish to reveal open hostility to Frederick 51 (:) Kinnamos 231.1-5
  • Only he had the strength to stand up to Frederick 51 in his manipulation of the papacy, and would later put Alexandros 23 back on the throne (But this was later on:ἀλλὰ ταῦτα μὲν ὕστερον) Kinnamos 229.4-15
  • To check the rising power of Frederick 51 (in case he attacked Byzantium) he secretly sent agents of humble origin to the Adriatic to promote resistance, and Nikephoros 17005 with money to Venice, to serve Byzantine interests (:) Kinnamos 228.12-22
Nikephoros Chalouphes, soldier and diplomat under Manuel I (Nikephoros 17005)
  • Was sent with money to Venice, to check the people’s good will and to serve Byzantine interests; left most of money at Dyrrachion and went on to Venice by ship (:) Kinnamos 228.19-229.18
  • In Venice he spoke to the doge (Anonymus 17058) and other prominent men of their Byzantine sympathies and past efforts against Frederick 51, endorsing the recent Venetian embassy proposing common action (:) Kinnamos 229.18-231.5
Vitale Michiele II, doge of Venice (Vitale 17001)