Manuel's polo accident & convalescence

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Was prevented by a late winter polo accident (a game he loved) from going to rescue Nikephoros 17005 in the spring: his horse fell on him and injured his thigh; he got up and tried to ride again — but pain was so great as to cause amnesia (In the spring:ἔαρος) Kinnamos 263.10-264.24
  • Two days after his accident he went to Apameia, which made him worse; spent Easter at Selymbria, then went to Philippopolis and made diplomatic threats over Nikephoros 17005; assembled an army at Sardike and acted over Alexios 17004 (Easter:τὰς πασχαλίους διαγαγών) Kinnamos 264.24-265.13