Alexios Kontostephanos' decisive victory over the Hungarians

Andronikos Kontostephanos Komnenos, son of Stephanos (Andronikos 17004)
  • Made the decisive attack of battle, losing 80 men at the first onset but winning great victory, inflicting major losses (:) Kinnamos 273.15-274.22
Andronikos Lampardas, military commander (Andronikos 17009)
  • Was one of the heroes of the battle: in association with Ioannes 17013 (:) Kinnamos 274.13
Dionysios, Hungarian general (Dionysios 17001)
  • Though his troops had exhausted those of Andronikos 17009 and Georgios 17004, they were decisively defeated by the attack of Andronikos 17004; casualties were many; his horse and complete armour were captured, but somehow he escaped (:) Kinnamos 273.13-274.5