Andronikos Kontostephanos' unsuccessful Egyptian expedition, with poor collaboration from Amalric I

1169 Autumn 
Amalric I, count of Jaffa and Askalon, later king of Jerusalem (Amalric 51)
  • Was called according to the treaty to help Andronikos 17004 recapture Egypt, but delayed; though he was to receive half of the conquest, he came treacherously late, so as not to have a half share of the danger (:) Kinnamos 278.23-279.16
  • Even when he finally arrived in Egypt he continued to avoid or delay battle and (unsuccessfully) to urge the Byzantines to do the same, either to avoid effort, or envious of Byzantine power, or corrupted by locals (:) Kinnamos 279.16-280.1
Andronikos Kontostephanos Komnenos, son of Stephanos (Andronikos 17004)
  • Landed in Egypt, easily captured Temesos and raided the countryside; went on to besiege Damietta, and fought heroically; but the king of Palestine (Amalric 51) arrived late, and even then delayed fighting (:) Kinnamos 279.3-19
  • Whatever the reason for Palestinian indolence, he realised that the army could not sustain the war in Egypt alone, and set sail for home, losing many ships in a storm on the way (:) Kinnamos 279.19-280.5
  • Was sent by Manuel 1 with a large fleet and army to reconquer Egypt for Byzantium; summoned the king of Palestine (Amalric 51) to help, as the treaty stated, but the king delayed (:) Kinnamos 278.20-279.2
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Wished to recover for Byzantium the rich province of Egypt, as Asia had been recovered from the Arabs; sent envoys asking for heavy tribute, and when it was refused, he sent a large fleet and army under Andronikos 17004 (:) το῀ ᾿Ισμαηλιτικὸν ... φῦλον Kinnamos 278.6-22
  • Despite the failure of his Egyptian expedition, the Egyptians sent an embassy offering considerable sums to avoid a repetition; he rejected the embassy because he still intended to overcome Egypt (:) Kinnamos 280.1-10